With over 600 locations carefully developed over the past 20 years, View Outdoor Advertising has been successful by combining highly visible sites with knowledgeable, personal service. Over the years, we’ve grown our business with the types of locations that advertisers are looking for: sites that deliver high traffic counts, strong demographics and optimum visibility in the marketplace.

Our history makes us what we are today. In 1935, our founder, Dean V. White, established Whiteco Outdoor Advertising – one of the leading outdoor signage companies in the United States. He sold his U.S. assets in 1998, but continued his international billboard operations in China. With a continued passion for the business, Mr. White founded View Outdoor Advertising in 2004.

What sets us apart is customer service and integrity. We offer senate controlled led lighting, on-going tree trimming and regular maintenance. We take pride in installing our customer’s advertisements on well-maintained, well-lit structures.

View Outdoor Advertising’s coverage reaches beyond the Indiana market through View Chicago and View U.S.

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View U.S. brings Florida businesses the opportunity to brand and market their business through Out-Of-Home efforts.

We look forward to working with you!


View Chicago offers businesses the opportunity to weave their messages into the fabric of the Chicago neighborhoods through HotSpots, Wallscapes and HotRoutes.