Our outdoor signage inventory spans across Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana+ with coverage on all the major expressways, highways, and communities.


Our Work

Our goal is to bring commerce to your business through the medium of outdoor advertising by providing excellent customer service, intriguing design and key locations throughout Indiana


By selecting billboard signs as your preferred advertising medium, you are choosing the most high-impact, cost-effective media available on the market. Billboards are the largest form of media available, thus they attract millions of individuals who travel in vehicles everyday.


These large format rotating faces can either be used by three separate advertisers or by one advertiser for a three-part message. The motion of the Tri-Wave attracts the attention of viewers, drawing consumers to your message.


These bright advertisements are sure to attract lots of attention! Utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology our LED billboards are super bright and allow you to have unlimited advertisements that can change weekly, daily or even hourly

Our Coverage

We offer outdoor signage locations where people live, work and make buying decisions. Our inventory spans across the state of Indiana with coverage on all the major expressways and highways in these key territories: Northwest Indiana, Northern Indiana, and Central Indiana.

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We successfully combine highly visible sites with knowledgeable, personal service. For more information about our company or to speak with one of our staff members, please contact us.