Charlie Megan

Partner, View Outdoor Chicago


Charlie was born in the west suburbs of Chicago but spent most of his growing-up years in Massachusetts. His family spent summers in Michigan, which led him to Michigan State University, where he received his degree in Finance. After a short stint in New York, Charlie planted roots in Chicago, where he has been for more than 10 years and plans to be forever.

Charlie and his brother Gray formed a joint venture with View Outdoor in 2009 for the purpose of developing outdoor advertising locations in Chicago. He is passionate about ensuring that View Chicago is a partner in the growth of Chicago businesses. He loves selling and believes that it’s the bedrock of business and life.

Fun Facts

My favorite childhood memory:

Spring break trips to Arizona with my family to visit my Grandfather.

What I always have in my refrigerator:

Ice and Frank’s Red Hot.

No one would believe that I:

Am a chess Grandmaster, because I’m not. Or that I can read, which I can.

What I’m most proud of:

My wife and son. They’re beautiful and they’re what I live for.

In my spare time I:

Read, spend time with family and daydream about times when I used to play golf, sail and take naps.

Movies I can’t turn off:

The Town, Heat, Good Will Hunting, and Field of Dreams.